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Experience is a beautiful thing

Helen Dimmick is an experienced jewellery consultant specialising in training innovation and business transformation


Preparing for the Retail Return to Work

Working with two esteemed industry colleagues, Simon Wilson and Dan Darwin from Stonehawk and in response to immense industry feedback; this webinar will look at two pertinent issues, namely security and mental health awareness. Simon and Dan provide insight and...
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Preparing for the Retail Return to Work

For me, knowledge is about empowering other people to achieve

Changing the nature of communication and collaboration

As an outstanding communicator, Helen has a proven ability to build compelling brand narratives and create dynamic cultural and organisational change.Her business acumen is widely recognised and she regularly facilitates cross-sector liaisons and introductions, using her knowledge and connections to bridge the gap between the commercial and technical sides of the business across all levels of the industry.


In an industry that celebrates rare andbeautiful things, knowing what works is themost precious commodity of all

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