Bespoke Jewellery Commissions

Helen’s approach towards sourcing jewellery for individuals is personal and endearing. Her process involves understanding what the customer truly needs and then finding the right match for them. She understands how jewellery is a sentimental item. Purchase of jewellery is just not a pretty rock embedded in metal. It comprises of all the emotional values and sentiments which motivated the purchase. It is the celebration of an occasion and life.

It is from Helen’s Nana Annie Dimmick that she inherited a love of jewellery. Her role as a jewellery consultant has helped her merge people and jewellery together. Both of which is something that she is passionate about.

Helen’s handling of jewellery of a loved one has always been careful. Memorial jewellery is no less than mementos. Jewellery has many nuances to it. The value of personal history that the piece carries is valuable beyond words. Helen is sensitive and respectful in handling of jewellery in memory of a lost loved one. She understands wanting to preserve the history and the loved one.

Helen is a firm believer in celebration. Every occasion should be celebrated whether it is the purchase of a new house or an engagement or partnership or even yourself. What better way to remember than the purchase of a jewellery item!

Helen’s vast experience has enabled her to provide context behind jewellery items. She believes it is important to educate the customer on the history of the piece and design along with the symbolism. She places emphasis on buying a piece that moves you or holds a deeper emotional value instead of just the intrinsic value.

Helen is also a qualified diamond grader. She uses her experience and knowledge to help source the perfect diamond. She uses her technical knowledge to give information on the four Cs of the diamond. She also goes beyond the four Cs, to help make the customer a right decision. Just like no two diamonds are alike, no two individuals are alike. Every diamond has a story to tell. She sources diamonds that will suit the customer and are a reflection of their personality. She provides credible support on care of diamond and lifetime support.

She specializes in finding symbolic jewellery to help commemorate sentiments and events. While jewellery is an extension of one’s style, it is more often than not symbolic. She possesses in-depth knowledge of jewellery and symbolism. This aids her in finding the right piece for someone looking to make a purchase. Stars are symbolic of divine guidance and protection. Due to the nature of its rarity, pearls have always expressed individuality. The moon has been a representation of new beginnings and healing. Ivy has been a synonymous flower with marriage. Turquoise was used as a bridesmaid gift as a forget me not token. Knowing the symbolism behind the piece not only enhances its value but also helps the consumer make an informed decision. It helps to create something unique, special and very personal.

Her course of action has a holistic approach. She appreciates the effort that goes into making jewellery. She recognizes the piece goes through a journey itself. She acknowledges what each component of the jewellery piece has to offer whether it is the metal or the stone. Gold is known for being a parallel to eternal love due to its purity and durability. The superior strength of platinum has made it a favourable metal.

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An important aspect of a jewellery item is the gemstone. Different gemstones have different meanings. Helen believes that all gemstones are precious. Finding a gemstone, whether it is a diamond or other gemstone for an individual is an exciting process. Helen focuses on finding a stone that not only suits the personality but is also a reflection of the individual.

Jay Bhayani, HR Solicitor remarks –

“Helen found me a diamond which perfectly suited my skin tone, personality, professionalism and taste. I have also listened to Helen’s talks – I always learn something new about jewellery, its origins and symbolism, and the special meaning it holds for so many people. Having Helen speak at a women lawyers event I organised was perfect- her vast knowledge and passion for her subject were a winning combination in educating people, as well as keeping them entertained!”

Not only symbolism, but she also educates the customer about hallmarking who is making a purchase. She is an advocate for informing the consumer as much as possible.

She also encourages making the purchase of jewellery even more intimate by customizing it further. She fondly recalls a couple she had helped make a purchase engraving lyrics of their favourite song on the inside of the ring. Engraving song lyrics, important dates, nicknames, inside jokes are just a few ways to go further with it. Another way is by hiding a small birthstone in the piece.

Inspired by Annie’s love and care, Helen has taken an initiative called Annie’s Legacy. This initiative aims to provide services such as resizing of rings, remodeling of jewellery, recycling gold for cash and create bespoke items. A 15% contribution is made to the East Cheshire Hospice for all works undertaken or purchases made in memory of a loved one.

Whether marriage or jewellery, matchmaking can be a difficult process to navigate. Nothing brings her greater joy than to bring someone a piece of jewellery that they will always cherish and look fondly at. She understands how jewellery is an immovable reminder and a representation of significant moments of our lives. Jewellery is universal yet personal. Each piece has a story to tell. Helen’s mission is to help find the best way to tell this story.