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Annie’s Legacy

In my experience, a beautiful piece of jewellery can be a joy forever.

The jewellery of your loved one, restored and transformed into an enduring memory. That’s the beauty of Annie’s Legacy.

“We are only the guardians of jewellery for a fleeting moment in time. But their beauty can and should endure from generation to generation. With this in mind, I provide a sensitive service which ensures that jewellery left by loved ones can be treasured, safeguarded and given a new lease of life. In memory of my beloved Nana Annie, I therefore make a 15% contribution to the Ashgate Hospice for all restorative work undertaken or purchases made in memory of a loved one. Read about Annie’s Legacy here

The touching story Annie’s Legacy.

Annie’s Legacy was inspired by my beloved Nana, Annie Dimmick. I was so fortunate to have this amazing lady in my life until I was 21 years old. I loved to play with her treasure box full of costume jewellery and Nana and I was delighted to accompany her to antique fairs where she was particularly adept at spotting precious or unusual jewels. It’s thanks to her I inherited my original love of the industry and she’s the reason why I’m here today!

Although she was widowed at an early age, her wedding ring remained her most cherished piece. So when I inherited it, I remembered the love and memories contained in this simple 22ct yellow gold band and it became the most precious piece in my collection.

Nana died in my local hospice in 1994 but the care and dignity with which she was treated stayed with me. Now she is reunited with her beloved husband Jim, she is my guardian angel and I’m very appreciative of the special care hospices can provide. In her name and in the appreciation of the care she received, I should like to give something back to those who have lost loved ones and those who supported us. Hence my 15% contribution to the Ashgate Hospice for all restorative work undertaken or purchases made in memory of a loved one.

A personal journey.

What personally inspires me is the role jewellery plays as a symbol of love, friendship and significant moments in our lives. That’s why I’m so passionate about sharing my knowledge of the symbolism of jewellery.

Besides offering an engraving service, resizing rings, purchasing gold and even creating bespoke commissions, we also remodel or purchase jewellery and offer a full valuation portfolio.