Jewellery Expertise

I believe the secret of success is to stay ahead by thinking ahead. Embracing change, keeping an open mind and creating compelling stories to engage new audiences.

Insight is a Girl’s Best Friend – Diamond and People Expertise

As a qualified diamond grader, Helen reveals how to use emotional intelligence and technical knowledge to engage the audience. She goes beyond the four C’s to elaborate on the importance of the ‘cut’ and how to successfully interact with the wearer.

The Facts and Fantasies of Gemstones

Helen shares key insights on the world’s most popular gemstones, together with the myths and legends they have generated. This training module is highly effective in informing and inspiring sales professionals to educate and romance their customers.

The history of Jewellery

From primitive civilisations onwards, jewellery has been worn for protection, status and symbolism. Helen explores the evolution and revolution of jewellery design, together with the changing importance and purpose of jewellery wearing.

Compelling Storytelling

Charting the phenomenon of Pandora and capitalising on the growing demand for bespoke, Helen explores why we wear jewellery, exploring the iconography and symbolism of key designs and illustrates how to increase sales by enabling customers to create their own jewellery ‘story’.