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Helen with Tom and Julia on their wedding day
Helen with Tom and Julia on their wedding day

I first met Helen when I began my search for an engagement ring for my wife Julia in the Summer of 2003.   Julia had always dreamed of a ring from Tiffany & Co in Old Bond Street, London and that is where I met Helen who was the Head Gemmologist of Tiffany UK.  The brief was to identify three alternative diamond rings which Julia would be shown and from which, unbeknown to her, I would pick the final ring.  On the basis of finding out more information on diamond rings only, Helen gave Julia a masterclass in what to look for in a diamond and the many different ring settings available.  From that first meeting, I was able to propose with a perfectly chosen (and surprise) ring and a lifelong friendship began between Julia and Helen.

Helen has helped me on many occasions find the right piece of jewellery for the right occasion.  She has taken the time to understand my desire for understated elegance and has always advised me perfectly.  Helen is certainly not driven by the sale and is unquestioningly driven by making sure the piece of jewellery chosen is right for the occasion.  To this end Helen has recently helped me in choosing a couple of pieces for a “big” birthday for Julia and I think she was more excited than me about the pieces chosen.  Our daughters Alexa and Helena even sought out Helen independently to source a birthday present for Julia.

Helen’s expertise and excellence are based on her patience to make sure she understands for what occasion each piece of jewellery is wanted and as importantly why.  Since nearly all pieces of jewellery are bought with love, Helen cares that a piece of jewellery is for life and must mean and evoke feelings of love and joy both on the day it is received but also twenty, thirty years later – with just a simple look and lovely memory.

Helen is a truly exceptional jeweller: she is an expert in stones, metals, and settings, she very much cares about for whom, what and why a piece of jewellery is wanted, and makes the whole process of selecting a piece of jewellery as enjoyable and fun for the purchaser as it will undoubtedly be for the receiver!

One final point.  Helen is exceptional at keeping a secret – be it an engagement ring or a big birthday present.  I know this firsthand!!

Helen with Tom and Julia on their wedding day

Helen with Tom and Julia on their wedding day, 11th December 2004


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