Understanding Jewellery

It is very rightly said that the things you are passionate about are not random. Helen lives by this. Her role as a jewellery specialist allows her to bring together her two passions; people and jewellery. She is a qualified gemologist and diamond grader. She is also a member of the gemological association and an award-winning fellow of the same. She also holds a management diploma from the National Association of Goldsmith’s Retail Jewellery. Her cumulative experience of over twenty years is a testimony to her knowledge and understanding jewellery.

Diamond Knowledge

Helen is a qualified diamond grader. While studying she also achieved the highest national and international grades. She possesses the knowledge of the 4C’s extensively. While knowing about the 4Cs – Cut, Clarity, Carat and Colour are important, its application is important as well. Helen uses this knowledge to help match customers with the perfect diamond. She believes that just no two individuals are the same just like different. How do you know which cut is the best for you? Which diamond describes your personality? She not only finds a diamond that fits all these questions but more importantly a piece that you will cherish for her, While advising her clients, she makes sure they understand not only the 4Cs but also on aspects of authenticity. She emphasises how is a diamond formed along with how to take care of diamond jewellery.

“Helen found me a diamond which perfectly suited my skin tone, personality, professionalism and taste. I have also listened to Helen’s talks – I always learn something new about jewellery, its origins and symbolism, and the special meaning it holds for so many people. Having Helen speak at a women lawyers event I organised was perfect- her vast knowledge and passion for her subject were a winning combination in educating people, as well as keeping them entertained!”

Jay Bhayani, HR Solicitor remarks

Coloured Gemstones Knowledge

While Helen has a special affinity for diamonds, she is also fond of coloured gemstones. She believes that every gemstone is precious. It takes all forces of nature to come together and form a gemstone. That in itself is a feat to its preciousness. As part of her endeavour to educate people, she writes blog posts on coloured gemstones. Each month she releases a post about the gemstone of the month. Accompanied by personal anecdotes, these posts provide historic and scientific information about the coloured gemstone. It also provides on taking care and cleaning of gemstones. These are easy to understand and meant for not just jewellery professionals but also jewellery enthusiasts.

Sourcing Jewellery

Her jewel matching process is a meaningful process. Her approach to sourcing jewellery is endearing. She understands the sentiments behind a meaningful piece of jewellery and that every piece has a story to tell. She undertakes bespoke commissions to help find the perfect piece of jewellery for her client. Whether it is the gemstone or the metal, she pays utmost attention to both. She educates her clients extensively on the meaning and symbolism behind jewellery while helping them source and purchasing jewellery.

Educational Webinars and Training Sessions Related to Gems and Jewellery

Helen has also released educational videos supporting jewellery professionals. These are free online training sessions that were released by her during the period of lockdown. These are aimed at providing guidance and meaningful solutions to empower jewellery professionals. The onset of COVID19 forced all of us into difficult times, and it is important more than ever to extend support to each other as much as we can. These webinars can be viewed here. They touch upon different segments of the industry such as selling jewellery, understanding diamonds, understanding lab-grown diamonds, staff training and effective sales. She provides practical insights on ways to deal with stock post lockdown. Why is stock classification important? Why is symbolism in jewellery important? Why should this be conveyed to the customers? How do you avoid aged stock? How do you create high performing teams? Why is mental health awareness important in the workplace? Helen’s webinars explore these questions and more, providing pragmatic and strategic solutions.

Helen’s incredible career is corroboration to her knowledge of understanding gems and jewellery. She uses her understanding to educate jewellery enthusiasts, professionals and clients. Knowing is a good thing, but sharing it is even better. She has taken different initiates to achieve this and has no intention of stopping and very delightfully so.