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Ungar and Ungar – My fantasy Jewellery Box

Let me introduce you to the fabulous Bernard and Ruth Ungar, words cannot describe how wonderful this couple are and how much they mean to me.

I am privileged to think of them every day as its thanks to an Ungar and Ungar ring I completed my right hand ring sapphire collection as explained in this Company of master Jewellers interview:

Sapphire Ring
Picture2, Helen Dimmick
Picture3, Helen Dimmick

However, I have also marked several special occasions with a stunning piece of Ungar and Ungar and added pieces to my collection wherever possible

These gorgeous sapphire and diamond earrings can be worn for any occasion from every day lunch at the Taj Mahal Palace hotel in Mumbai to a masquerade ball on a Baltic cruise with my family!

Picture4 189x300, Helen Dimmick
Picture5 Rezized, Helen Dimmick
Picture6 Resized, Helen Dimmick

These ‘social climbers’ are another favourite, alas I am not brave enough to have my ear’s pieced again so these are the perfect alternative and look great when I’m training at the gym!

Picture7, Helen Dimmick

Pearls and Diamonds are always favourite and I love the art Deco era, hence my hairstyle I guess. This is my challenging my inner ‘Downton Abbey’ seen with another dear friend an industry colleague Judith Lockwood at the Jewellery Awards in 2013 held at the Natural History Museum

Picture8, Helen Dimmick
Picture9 1024x1024, Helen Dimmick

I’m also very lucky that my Mum has the same taste as me and owns the smaller version of these earrings and matching necklace… don’t tell anyone but they are “something borrowed” for my upcoming wedding…

My Wish List – a girl can dream

Picture10 633x1024, Helen Dimmick

This long chain set with diamonds, onyx, rubies and pearls, I should love to adapt into bracelets and necklaces of different lengths and combinations

Picture11, Helen Dimmick

I never stop dreaming about Ungar and Ungar jewellery and these are a few of the pieces on my fantasy wish list

This yellow gold and diamond crown is quirky, regal and fun, qualities I too should like to embody!

Picture12 1024x683, Helen Dimmick

This aquamarine and diamond pendant truly embodies the ‘garland’ style from the Edwardian era, an age of such elegance

It also reminds me of the decoration on the beautiful shop front on the Ungar in Mukacevo which is presently south west Ukraine, believe to have been taken in 1928 . At the time it would have been Czechoslovakia.

The men in white coats are all Bernard’s family though only his Grandfather (leftmost Earnest) and his Great Uncle (rightmost Arpy) survived the holocaust

A highly poignant image…

Ungar and Ungar

Bernard and I also enjoy synergy with jewellery symbolism. I especially love the symbolism of ivy leaves, as they represent fidelity and marriage. As it grows ivy clings in whatever environment, has green leaves in winter, it is therefore a symbol of the enduring qualities of love. It could often be seen in 19th Century tiaras, brooches and other period pieces. Today Ungar and Ungar bring this story to life with their own ivy collection, I love these full circle rings (again a symbol of eternal love) and these pendants and earrings set with stunningly vibrant demantoid garnets.

Unknown 6 1, Helen Dimmick
Unknown 1 Cropped, Helen Dimmick
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